20 years later, someone has finished developing a game for PS1 that can be downloaded for free and played on an emulator

In the late 1990s, a group of Japanese developers began work on a game for the original PlayStation. It has taken more than 20 years for it to finally see the light . With no PS1 to play on, the video game is now free to download and test on an emulator. ‘Magic Castle’ is living proof that better late than never.

The game, obviously, has not been developing for two decades (although there are those who have spent almost five years ). After the first months of development, the idea was put aside and finally abandoned. However, at the end of last year its creators decided to resurrect the idea more to see the idea completed than to take advantage of it. This is how ‘Magic Castle’, 20 years later, is already a public game .

The story behind ‘Magic Castle’ is closely tied to Net Yaroze, a system and platform that allowed indie fans and developers to create games for the original Japanese console. With the Net Yaroze platform, the developers created a first version of the game for eight months and presented the idea to different distributors. They were not very successful although in the end Sony did show interest in it.

In exchange for Sony lending a hand, the manufacturer asked the creators to work on a different project and put ‘Magic Castle’ aside. They turned down the offer and that’s when ‘Magic Castle’ was left as a frozen / abandoned project for over 20 years .

However, in an act of sheer nostalgia, one of the developers recently found the game’s source code back and decided to terminate it to release it to the public. Four generations after the PS1 , ‘Magic Castle’ is now ready and available for download.

To play ‘Magic Castle’ you need to download it from the Internet Archive and run it on a PlayStation 1 emulator . The quality of the graphics, the playability and the functions it has are obviously limited to the level of the time. It is a platform game with four different characters to choose from and a total of 20 different levels . There is a video of more than two and a half hours of gameplay on Stranno’s YouTube channel :

As indicated on the video game’s website , it is not yet completely finished . They want to add more support for players and for example translation to other languages.

‘Magic Castle’ will go down in video game history, perhaps not because of its content itself, but it will go down in video game history.