AMD Ryzen 5000 crush the best of Intel

The end of the Intel era, the beginning of the AMD era . This seems to be pointed out by various independent analyzes that have been published today and that show how AMD no longer only surpasses Intel in professional and creative scenarios: it also crushes it in gaming, something unheard of .

All those who have been able to analyze the new AMD Ryzen 5000 with Zen 3 architecture reach the same conclusions, and although in Engadget we will soon have our own analysis on them, one thing is clear: Intel must be very, very concerned right now .

That was said by the person in charge of the Hardware Canucks video , one of the media in which they have been able to analyze these new AMD processors and that did nothing more than confirm what has been seen in many other analyzes whose links have been compiled for example in VideCardz . Pay attention , for example, to the fantastic beginning of the video by LinusTechTips, whose first 35 seconds in an ironic tone allow us to summarize what happened today .

AMD had been gaining ground and with its previous desktop processors it already managed to make it clear that only gaming was resisting it. With its new Ryzen 5000 with Zen 3 architecture that barrier has also fallen, and except for some exceptional cases the performance of AMD processors is superior to that of Intel both in “serious” and creative scenarios as in those destined for the world of gaming .

In AnandTech, for example, they highlight that AMD did not lie in those benchmarks that it presented: “With 19% more IPC in Zen3 (over Zen 2), Intel has nothing like it, and now it has lost that crown in mono-tasks. thread “.

A crown that Intel had been holding for years and that now AMD takes away without a priori it seems that Inten can respond neither too quickly (Rocket Lake will not appear until March 2021) nor too forcefully (it is likely that at most it will be able to catch up which he has now imposed.

Other reviews are just as forceful, and at TechPowerUp they analyzed the Ryzen 5 5600X among others and concluded by saying that “it will impress you in ways you can’t even imagine . It achieves performance above what would correspond to it in most tests, and it is the only processor you’ll need if you’re building a next-gen rig with an RTX 3000 or RX 6000 “.

The analyzes that have appeared in Spanish technical media are also clear. In Professional Review they have also analyzed the most affordable of the family, the 5600X, and point out that even though it is somewhat more expensive than its predecessor (the 3600XT), “it is a better processor to ensure a long useful life for our PC without having to upgrade” .

In 3D News, more of the same: they highlight that in addition to the advantage of supporting PCIe 4.0, ” the Ryzen 5000 are a new show of power that is here to stay , and that lays the foundations for the future of the desktop segment, and the balance That leaves promise: the Ryzen 9 5950X is the world’s most powerful desktop processor out there today, followed closely by the Ryzen 9 5900. That’s nothing. “

It remains to be seen how these processors behave in our analysis in Engadget. We are preparing it and will publish it as soon as we have it ready, but judging by all those independent reviews, today is a historic day for AMD .