‘Apex Legends’ to the conquest of ‘Fortnite’: already has 25 million users just one week after its launch

Against all odds, the craze of ‘Apex Legends’ continues to rise and seems to have no end, unless in the short term. Therefore, the bets go around a domain in the ‘Battle Royale’ that will end up defeating ‘ Fortnite ‘, which today is still the king of this format.

‘Apex Legends’ has been making history in its short life, and that is only three days of its release managed to exceed 10 million users , something that ‘Fortnite’ cost two weeks. And now, ‘Apex Legends’ achieved a new milestone: 25 million users after seven days of life . And is that not only is it a good launch against what has achieved ‘Fortnite’, but we are facing the best release in the modern history of video games.

This is why people are getting positive on $EA — #ApexLegends is not just having a strong launch, it’s having a significantly better launch than the most successful game in recent history.

It is already the videogame with the best launch in history

Again, to put these figures in context, it is only worth mentioning that ‘Fortnite’ obtained its first 25 users after 41 days. And that’s not all, because during the past weekend, ‘Apex Legends’ had its highest peak of users so far with two million simultaneous players .

Yes, ‘Apex Legends’ is still far from the numbers of ‘Fortnite’ that today exceeds 200 million users and has had up to 8.3 million simultaneous players. But come on, we’re talking about a ‘Battle Royale’ with just 10 days to live .

Given this, the people of EA seeks to take advantage of the pull and are announcing the news that will reach ‘Apex Legends’ in the coming days, which includes the thematic booty of Valentine, which is now available to all, as well as its first season which is scheduled for next March .

To this will be added the season pass, new legends, weapons and loot boxes , as well as his tremendous competition ‘Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge’ , consisting of 48 uninterrupted hours of ‘Apex Legends’ broadcasts on his channel on Twitch . The last event, which took place on Tuesday, February 12, got the first million spectators, and the next one will take place on Tuesday the 19th, where they hope to surpass this figure.

This is just beginning and ‘Apex Legends’ is growing in an impressive way. Now it will be interesting to know the answer of ‘Fortnite’, who surely will not let them reach it, or overcome it, so easily. And to show, that exclusive concert where they gathered 10 million players at the same time.