Component shortage hits Samsung

The shortage of processors and other chips is establishing itself as the headache of the year for major manufacturers. A few days ago we were talking about Qualcomm, who are having a hard time coping , and today the alarms come from Samsung .

Precisely here we have talked about the importance of the semiconductor business for South Koreans, coming to remove the throne from Intel in the ranking of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers . But even so it does not seem to be able to get rid of the shortage that looms over this industry as we have seen since the end of 2020 .

This time the alarm was sounded by Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s CEO in the mobile department. As quoted in the Financial Times , the executive declared in a meeting with shareholders that “there is a serious imbalance in the supply and demand for chips in the technology sector globally”, referring to the shortage that the industry seems to be facing since months ago.

According to the publication, both governments and other companies are concerned about the decline in the semiconductor market that this may entail. So much so that it can be another drag when the economy is still recovering from the strong hit that the coronavirus pandemic has meant at a general level.