‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ becomes free and launches a new ‘Battle Royale’ mode

It’s about renewing or dying, and in this case adding to what the players are asking for: a battle royale mode . ‘Counter Strike: Global Offensive’ is the latest to join the fashion of games with pitched battles, as happens with the super popular ‘ Fortnite ‘ or ‘ PUBG ‘, as well as the new attempts on the part of ‘ Call of Duty 4 ‘ or ‘ Battlefield V ‘. ‘CS: GO’ is not only adding the battle royale mode , but it is also doing ‘free-to-play’ , which means that from now on anyone can play without having to pay a penny. This is how ‘CS: GO’ is receiving its most important update since its launch in 2012, with which Valve seeks to attract new players driven by the fashion of battle royale . But what is the difference compared to the growing competition? Valve has wanted to change the focus a bit on what we can find in ‘Fortnite’ or ‘PUBG’, so the battle royale of ‘CS: GO’, which has been dubbed ‘ Danger Zone ‘, is offered to us as “a battle mode at unbridled pace”, so it will only admit between 16 and a maximum of 18 players per game . With this, Valve ensures that each game will have a maximum duration of 10 minutes , where there will also be several surprises and secrets to discover, which will seek to improve the experience and put more dynamism to the eSports tournaments. Also, we can access the games by queuing alone, in pairs or in groups of up to three friends. Within the games, the weapons will work in the same way as in the other modes, only now we will have the option to find money and a variety of weapons. In fact, within the games we can complete mini special missions , such as contracts and hostage rescue, which will earn us more money.C In addition, every time we start a game we will have access to a tablet, which will allow us to see the location of our opponents and track our deliveries. Every time we enter the arena, known as ‘ Blacksite ‘, we can choose what strategy to take, from fighting to collaborating or just watching to collect money and fulfill missions, and even choose exactly where we want to enter the map. Prime or not Prime? As for the change to ‘free-to-play’, the basic game is now completely free and anyone can access the ‘Danger Zone’ without restrictions, as well as the rest of the modes, some weapons and objects and matchmaking. For those who want a plus will be the state ‘Prime’ , which will give access to exclusive items, such as weapons and special cases, objects for our character and other limited edition items.
To be ‘Prime’ you need to reach level 21 and link your smartphone with Steam, buy a pass on Steam or pay $ 14.99 , which will not give immediate access to all exclusive benefits. On the other hand, those who have purchased ‘CS: GO’ will immediately become ‘Prime’ and will receive an exclusive item if they enter the ‘Danger Zone’ before January 9, 2019.