Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we have tried it: a Pokémon Go for magicians much more dense and complex

2016 was a year that we will remember, among other things, for the Pokémon Go fever . Few games have penetrated so much in the civil society as to mobilize hordes of trainers to the point of making them go out and walk . The ditch that left that title was “hopefully a reality game augmented for X”, being “X” the passion of each one: LEGO, soccer, mycology … or Harry Potter. Ta-da .

Niantic and Warner, developer of Pokémon Go and owner of the rights of the magic franchise respectively, have officially announced the rumored and expected Harry Potter game in augmented reality , which we have been able to test in advance after many previous rumors about its arrival.

A first look at the game is a dejà-vu of what was seen with the title of Pokémon: the mapping is identical (we also saw it in Ingress), and the only thing that changes is the graphics of gyms and poképaradas, which gives way to inns and strengths with the visual style of the Rowling saga.

The game is much denser and deeper than Pokémon Go , we have noticed it as soon as we have begun to try it: we can choose a profession (teacher, auror or magizoólogo) before joining the Special Forces of the Statute of the Secret to solve the mystery of the Calamity.

During the journey there are a large number of items to collect, battles in hand wands against enemies that appear around the world, spells to cast … A very long list of tasks and missions that start with the nice appearance of Hagrid in the game as a way of welcome us home He is not the only iconic character we will find.

The title combines the universe of Harry Potter – the canonical one – with that of Magical Creatures and where to find them , perhaps with something more weight in the second as far as the presence of characters is concerned. The fan of the saga more faithful to the legacy of the seven original novels might be surprised to find a Sorting Hat that welcomes the game and assigned a house, for example. Or a start marked by the training on platform 9 and 3/4. Details that transport us to the origins, to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Details, in fact, there are many. For example, the possibility of placing portkeys, Portal style , with the boot below to reach new locations in a way identical to how we “saw” in books and movies.

In any case, there are no missing elements throughout the game that evoke the entire saga and allow some customization . For example, it includes a vitamin chamber with augmented reality (obvious, of course) with which we can take photos by superimposing on us clothes or accessories seen in the movies and with the colors of each of the four houses.

Once we enter the subject, the game has dynamics adapted to the Potter universe compared to what is seen in Pokémon Go. For example, if in the previous game we had to perfect the gesture of throwing the pokéball to increase the chances of catching the Squirtle of turn, now we will have to recreate precisely the wand strokes necessary to cast spells . Some, like Alohomora, simpler. Others, like the Expecto Patronum, a tad more complex. We also find RPG experiences in multiplayer challenges or shared battlefields.

If Pokémon Go had scenarios in which to capture specific creatures, such as aquatic ones, in Wizards Unite something similar happens but with a twist: some items, as ingredients for potions, can only be obtained with specific weather conditions . If we want a potion that improves our chances of winning matches, we may have to wait for rain or cloud to prepare them.

When responsible for Niantic were asked about the monetization model of this game during its presentation to the press, they assured that it would be free, sustained with in-app purchases … and with the promise that the whole game would be enjoyable without having to go through them , which are relegated to processes acceleration functions . That is, the same as we saw in Pokémon Go and that ultimately served to become a hit, also in the economic .

At this point we can assume that the creation of Wizards Unite has been marked by all the information extracted from Pokémon Go, a game that has provided Niantic with a database immensely larger than Ingress’s , the original title, on how they play. players, which scenarios are more satisfying and which make them close the application and ending up abandoning it.

Of course, we still do not know your arrival date, beyond knowing that it will arrive during 2019 . Previously, from Niantic was designated to 2018 as its arrival date , although finally this has been delayed until this year.