HMD prepares the return of the Nokia 6300 and a Nokia 8000 in a 4G version that will arrive in the coming weeks

Over the last few years HMD (which is licensed by the Nokia brand) has resurrected a series of legendary phones from the first decade of the 2000s, when Nokia dominated the market. Among the most relevant we have the Nokia 3310 (2017) or the peculiar Nokia 8110 4G Reloaded. . But the thing does not end there, according to WinFuture we will see two new models relaunched shortly : the Nokia 6300 and the Nokia 8000.

As WinFuture has been able to find out , from HMD they are preparing the presentation of two new phones that will add to the catalog of Nokia’s resurrected icons. The Finnish company has in mind to bring back the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000 . These two phones were popular enough at the time, for different reasons.

The resurrection of two classics: Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000

The Nokia 6300 is one of the brand’s most polished phones that I remember from its golden age. Presented in 2006 (we got to talk about it in Engadget !) And launched in 2007, this was the last phone that passed through my hands before the jump to smartphones . It stood out for its comfortable size, the aluminum back and that “huge” two-inch screen . But perhaps one of the most interesting things was the arrival with Symbian S40, the latest version at that time that made a significant leap in functionality.

The other phone HMD plans to launch is actually not a specific model, but one inspired by a Nokia series. Specifically in the 8000 series , which is characterized by sliding covers for the keyboard and by appealing to the most premium range. One of the last and most relevant was the Nokia 8800 , which slid the screen instead of the keyboard cover.

Most likely, these new 2020 edition versions will come with a basic operating system and limited to a few popular applications. What is more than likely is the inclusion of 4G connectivity and surely a battery capable of lasting several weeks. Camera? Maybe some around 5 MP and limited to photos and short videos. Not so much for the capabilities of the lens as for the minimal storage memory they are sure to bring.

These phones are usually limited on purpose. After all, it is the main advantage they have along with the nostalgia they evoke. We’ll find out shortly anyway if HMD finally teaches them to the world. According to WinFuture, they should be presented in a few weeks .

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