Huawei shows us a mysterious mobile phone with what looks like a hole in the screen (and a goodbye to the ‘notch’)

Some filtration already made us imagine and suggest that the next thing in attempts of infinite screens would be to resort to a hole in it for the front camera. And now we have a confirmation from one of the manufacturers, since Huawei has shown what looks like a smartphone with a hole in the screen so that the front camera appears.

It has exactly shown a teaser as an appetizer of what we apparently expect to see from the manufacturer. In this way, Huawei would have taken a different line than we have seen Xiaomi and OPPO , leaving aside moving parts and notchs .

A future competition by boring the screen

A mysterious teaser stirred Chinese social networks: the image of what looks like a smartphone with a prominent point on the screen (and the Huawei logo above, along with some characters in Chinese). A mobile that implies that it integrates a screen without frames and that this point is a hole.

The brand confirmed to The Verge later the authenticity of the image but without giving any other clue. What they did advance is that there will be more information at the beginning of December.


This fits with what we remembered at the beginning and that not only was Huawei speculated by a series of leaks . Samsung has also spoken at the level of this hole in the screen with a possible Samsung Galaxy A8S (another mid-range that premieres innovation in the brand, after the Galaxy A7 and A9 this year?) Which has been spoken with more force , like Apple and Essential (although from patents).

We do not know if the Huawei will be a new series or enter the P or the Mate. The last line premiere we saw in the mid-range with the Nova, so maybe it’s time to add a new family to distinguish how Xiaomi did with the Mi MIX, and unlike Honor, which recovered the last name Magic for its latest design innovation. the Honor Magic 2 .

For the moment we have to imagine and make assumptions about how this terminal will be, which promises to have a different design. We will know something more about him on December 3 , according to the manufacturer said to The Verge, so next Monday we will be attentive to inform you as soon as possible (and better).

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