Intel Wants to Regain Leadership in Gaming CPUs: 11th Gen ‘Rocket Lake-S’ Core Processors Explained

11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors are right around the corner. Its arrival on the market will take place at a time when the semiconductor industry is mired in a crisis that threatens the stock of many products. But this is not all. They are also going to have to deal with an AMD that has proven to be in very good shape , which has allowed it to place very competitive PC microprocessors in stores.

Intel has shared with us some very relevant technical data that describes the innovations that it has implemented in some processors for desktop computers with which it intends to regain the leadership of the gaming machines . However, before we investigate them, it is good for us to familiarize ourselves with the characteristics of these CPUs. The following table shows the technical specifications of all the 11th generation Core microprocessors that Intel will put in stores in the coming weeks.

Intel promises us a CPI increase of up to 19%
The first slide that is worth looking at clearly summarizes what the new Intel processors for PC offer us. The most relevant data is that the improvements that the engineers of this company have introduced in the microarchitecture of the ‘Cypress Cove’ cores promise us an increase in the CPI of up to 19% .

The IPC ( Instructions Per Cycle ) reflects the number of instructions that a CPU is capable of executing in a single cycle of the clock signal, so the higher it is, the better its performance. Of course, it is important that we bear in mind that the CPI is not the only parameter that conditions the productivity of a processor. Other parameters, especially the clock frequency, also have a direct impact on your productivity.

The improvements of the ‘Cypress Cove’ cores promise us an increase in the IPC of up to 19%
The next optimization worth looking at concerns the integrated graphics logic UHD Graphics 750, which Intel says is up to 50% faster than the one built in in the previous generation. It is not a relevant data for gamers who prefer to bet on a dedicated graphics card, but this improvement, if it is finally confirmed, is important in a range of widely used scenarios in which it makes sense to use integrated graphics to lower the price of the PC.

The other improvement introduced by Intel in the 11th generation Core processors affects the logic that goes into the execution of the artificial intelligence algorithms. Interestingly, in this case it does not indicate what impact this review of Deep Learning Boost technology has on the performance and efficiency of the new processors, but we will check it as soon as we have the opportunity to thoroughly analyze these chips.

Intelcore11 1
The next slide reflects more improvements introduced by Intel in its new chips, and undoubtedly one of the most relevant is the integration of the PCI Express 4.0 interface for which AMD bet in the already distant 2019 when introducing it in its AM4 platform through the X570 chipset and Ryzen 3000 processors .

New 11th Gen Core Processors for Desktop PC Introduces PCI Express 4.0 Interface to Intel Platform
We recently had the opportunity to speak with Norberto Mateos , the CEO of Intel Spain, and he assured us that this company will bet on PCI Express 5.0 as soon as users demand it. For this reason, the passage of PCIe 4.0 through Intel platforms is likely to be relatively fleeting, and it won’t take long for us to witness the arrival of PCIe 5.0.

Another interesting fact: the new processors will be able to coexist with DDR4-3200 memory modules (another feature that many users missed in Intel’s microphones to be able to go beyond the DDR4-2933 modules). They also implement optimizations in the video encoding algorithms, support for 12-bit HEVC compression, among other formats, and ‘Resizable BAR’ technology, which allows the CPU to directly access the VRAM of the graphics card.

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