Matt Booty, leader of Microsoft Studios: “We do not have as goal to create more exclusive games, but Game Pass has great games”

Between the two, a table overflowing with LEGO pieces; accordingly, after that spectacular trailer of the dlc of ‘Forza Horizon 4’. From time to time, Matt Booty takes a piece and builds on autopilot. And when I see him, I think about my psychology courses at the university; in stressors that manifest in concrete tics.

Matt Booty, leader of Microsoft’s studios , has won the E3 2019. But his rival did not even get in the ring; Sony has turned its back on the biggest media event in the history of the game and has left Xbox alone with all the focus on it . Meat has been put on the grill, obviously, with more than 60 games announced during his conference. But they have hidden almost all the letters of what they are doing the multiple studies in which they have already spent 500 million dollars.
The thorny and obvious issue is this: How to convince the player to choose Project Scarlet versus PlayStation 5 ? How to convince him after the beating of exclusives that evidently has hit each other during the eighth generation? Throughout this exclusive interview for Engadget we will get to that question. Piece by piece, just like a LEGO .

Project xCloud, first impressions: we tested the bet of Xbox streaming that is still a promise right now
Project xCloud, first impressions: we tested the bet of Xbox streaming that is still a promise right now
Well, let’s start with something that is also interesting, because there is usually a curious story behind the names. Why Scarlet?

I wish I know. I have no idea

Wow! [laughs]

[Smile] At Microsoft we have a concrete way, with a series of rules, to choose the names. I wish I know. What I got was an email that said: the code name is Project Scarlet.

[Microsoft’s PR intervenes] We have a kind of program that chooses them randomly.

Well man, I will not deny that I expected something more poetic. [laughs]

Me too, I would have liked it too. Many times, we say to ourselves: “Oh, we should give it this code name.” And then the legal department tells us: “No, you can not use that.” That’s why in the end they have an automatic name generator.

Well, with everything, Scarlet is an interesting name. Next question, it has been Microsoft’s choice not to delve too much into the technical details of Scarlet in the presentation. It has been said that it has four times more power than One X, which has SDD memory to load the games much faster, but it has not been specified in detail how it works inside.

Well, we have many things in the video. In the video we give many numbers and specifications. What specific data do you lack?

More than data, I’m interested in knowing things like … Yesterday I was in the corporate presentation that gives Ubisoft, which is always very interesting in the technical. And they were telling how it was to break one of its graphics engines, Anvil, to work in an architecture on cloud . This freed up resources because you had parts of the cluster [expandable whenever you wanted] dedicated to each particular part of the engine: graphics, AI, etc. For example, I am very interested to know what kind of complementarity is available to the developer between the Azure cloud and the Scarlet hardware .