Nintendo buys Next Level Games: the ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ studio will help develop the rest of the franchises

Nintendo announces the purchase of Next Level Games , the Canadian developer responsible for titles as important to the company as ‘ Luigi’s Mansion 3’ . Like Microsoft or Sony, which have been buying game studios, Nintendo is reinforced for this 2021 with the purchase of one of its allies.

Next Level Games, based in Vancouver, is a developer that already worked exclusively for Nintendo, since it only made games for this company. Now, Nintendo ensures that these developers continue to work for the company and strengthens itself to “ensure internal development and enhance collaboration.”

Nintendo adds talent to its franchises

Titles like ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2’ and ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ have been the great successes of the company, but Next Level Games is also behind the ‘Mario Strikes’, ‘Punch-Out !!’ for the Wii or the ‘Metroid Prime: Federation Force’ for Nintendo 3DS .

With 50 employees and founded in 2002 , the Canadian studio will take a step forward to join Nintendo and strengthen the company’s game catalog. At the moment, details of the amount of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but they do explain that 100% of the company will become part of Nintendo and the agreement will be formalized from March 1, 2021.

The movement is included within a bet of the big video game companies for independent studios . In 2019, Sony bought Insomniac Games , responsible for the successful ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ for PS4. In September 2020, Microsoft hit the table with the purchase of Bethesda . Now the Japanese company makes a more modest acquisition, but considering the excellent quality of ‘Luigi’s Mansion’, it is certainly good news for Nintendo fans.

Kim Hostler
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