Not one, but three (or four) Samsung Galaxy S10: everything we think we know about Samsung’s next flagships

When we are still savoring the benefits of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung’s latest flagship, the rumors and leaks about the future Galaxy S10 are already piling up today. So much so that we can start thinking about what we will see in the hand of the technological giant in its first batch of top of the range of 2019.

At the moment Samsung has maintained lines of design, which implies that it is one of the few (along with Sony, HTC and some more) that has endured without opting for the notch on the screen, and that already talks about the path that would taken the manufacturer towards the infinite screens. Also of its processor, the unlocking systems and the 5G support , because 2019 again sounds strong for the integration of this technology in mobile phones. We review everything that has been talked about.

One no, two either: three Galaxy S models in 2019

Until the curve arrived and with it a second Galaxy S6 , Samsung had launched a single Galaxy S per year . From there we see two models of the standard flagship of the South Koreans, which a posteriori (since the Galaxy S8) and stopped dividing by the curve at the end of the flat edition and distinguish them only by size and some other characteristic.

And the strategy does not look like convergence, but quite the opposite. By 2019 not two sound strong, but three models of Galaxy S10 , and one of them will apparently bring back the flat or flat edition (ie, the screen without curved corners). We are talking about:

Samsung Galaxy S10 “Beyond 0”: with the 5.8-inch Super AMOLED flat screen with QHD + resolution and 18: 9 aspect.
Samsung Galaxy S10 “Beyond 1”: like the previous one, but with a curved screen .
Samsung Galaxy S10 “Beyond 2”: with Super AMOLED panel of 6.2 inches with curves and some other more advanced component than the previous ones (now we will talk about the cameras).

Samsung Galaxy S9plus S8 01

The design has not yet been seen or talked much, but the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division , DJ Koh, confirmed in a press conference before Chinese media that the future Galaxy S10 will not be an incremental renewal like the Galaxy S9, but which will be “very significant” changes , according to his own words.

What can those changes be? Perhaps the percentage of use of screen is even greater but still staying out of the notch stream and pulling a hole in the screen . Although there is talk that this will premiere before a medium range with an LCD panel manufactured by BOE (and not by Samsung itself, although designed by them), the Samsung Galaxy AS8 , showing us what apparently will have the name of Infinity -O .

Of course, there is talk that it will be the ultrasound-based reader provided by Qualcomm and not the optical solution of Synaptics that we have seen in the previous ones, as subsequently “confirmed” by Evan Blass , the well-known filterr. The difference: that the ultrasound would create a 3D model of our fingerprint instead of the photograph obtained with the optician.

Samsung Galaxy S9plus Screen

As for aesthetics, there will also be new colors according to some rumors, which speak of the return of a green tone to the style of the one launched with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . There would be models in black, white, green and yellow , but if we look back to the trends of 2018 we may see degraded Huawei style.

They were one, two and three, the famous S10 and their cameras

And speaking of changes in the back we give with one of the subjects that more interest often arouses in the flagships: the photography. Here it seems that the competition is now in the number of cameras, seeing that Samsung has already reached the fourth rear camera with the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) .

For the next round of S10 it seems that the top will be in three cameras , although not the three models would integrate it. The first reports were that the basic model would have a double back camera and a front one (the “Beyond 0” of those we mentioned earlier, the natural successor of the Galaxy S9), the intermediate one with a triple back camera and a front one (the “Beyond” 1 “, which would happen to the Galaxy S9 +) and the upper one with triple rear and double frontal camera (the” Beyond 2 “).

But last month the leaks reoriented these possible configurations towards a somewhat more peculiar (and questionable) option. There would be no double and triple cameras, but a simple system, a double and a triple respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S9plus S8 02

Thus, the Galaxy S10 standard would have a single sensor of 12 megapixels with optical stabilization, and the variable aperture (the star feature of the superior Galaxy this year) with f / 1.5 for low light scenarios and f / 2.4 for the rest. The intermediate S10 would add a second 16-megapixel sensor with an aperture lens f / 1.9 and 123 degrees (wide-angle), to which the top model would add a third 13-megapixel sensor with an aperture lens f / 2.4 and optical zoom , in addition to a second optical stabilizer.

In this way, Samsung would amend in a way that the double camera was slow to reach its flagship if we compare it to the trajectories of many of its rivals. At the moment they are only rumors and leaks, but they are characteristics that make us salivate a bit by being able to mean better photos in low light, in portrait mode, in zoom and in wide angle (at least the third).

The premiere of the new own brain

To date Samsung has chosen to distribute two variants of some of their phones according to geography, integrating a proprietary processor and another Qualcomm. There is no evidence that this will change, and what we already know is what the next brain of the S10 is like .

The Exynos 9820 is finally based on the technology of 8 nanometers LPP FinFET (and not 7 nanometers, as was rumored), which according to the manufacturer is n energy savings of 10% over its predecessor. It consists of eight cores with 2 + 2 + 4 layout, two CPUs of own manufacture destined to take control of the most intense processing tasks, two Cortex A75 cores (for optimal processing tasks) and four Cortex A55 cores (for when so much power is not required or the mobile is at rest).

S10 Concept

Although we talked about two neural processing units (NPU), the new processor integrates an NPU . Unit that will be used for camera image recognition and in augmented reality or virtual reality applications, as well as Bixby.

According to Samsung, the Exynos 9820 has a 20% improvement in performance with a single core, 40% in terms of energy efficiency and 15% in terms of multi-core performance with respect to its predecessor. And in terms of graphic performance, it has a Mali-G76 MP12 , with 12 rendering cores and an estimated improvement in graphic power of up to 40% with respect to the Exynos 9810.

Welcome, 5G, goodbye, iris reader

The last thing that has been talked about what we could see in the new layer of Galaxy S is that there would be a fourth model. A “Beyond X” with a 6.7-inch screen (it has not been said whether it curves or not), with six cameras (four rear and two front) and support for 5G , which fits with the integration of the own Exynos 5100 modem .

This was what the Wall Street Journal was talking about , pointing out that this special edition would come later depending on the operators (when they begin to offer support for the 5G network) and not in February 2019 as expected for the three that we have commented (in MWC 2019). Therefore, the launch could be delayed until 2019 or 2020 .

Samsung Galaxy S9plus Recognition

This would come again and what would go would be the iris reader, leaving as the only biometric method dependent on hardware fingerprint reading integrated into the screen. As an alternative, we talk about the facial recognition of the hand of software and artificial intelligence, so that the components necessary for iris reading would not be an impediment to increase the percentage of use of the front by the screen.

As we have been remembering, this and the above are information pending confirmation except what has already confirmed the brand or one of its representatives as DJ Koh. By precedents we hope to see much of what is rumored, although there are still at least three months to get to know them if they maintain the habit of presenting them at the MWC and that is a long time to continue receiving snacks in the form of filtering.

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