Pokemon Let’s GO, analysis: the evolution of the videogame to the Nintendo toy

Nintendo has a gift to take everything it touches one step further. I do not know what their creatives eat, drink or breathe to get from the ‘Pokémon Amarillo’ from Game Boy to ‘Pokémon Let’s Go’ . Of an excuse with 20 years to take advantage of the pull of the first games and to sell the version Color of the machine, to the last revolution of the franchise.

That recent twist is none other than ‘Pokémon GO’ , the well-known mobile game that, two years after its launch, still continues to congregate children and grandparents in parks around the world. All in search of that last bug that lives up to the phrase ” Get with everyone ” that, finally, has landed on Switch.

A story with more than 20 years behind them

‘Pokémon Let’s GO’ was not the delivery requested by the community . Neither has the classic scheme that we have seen for more than twenty years in Nintendo laptops, nor does it offer the greatest number of Pokémon, and it is not even original enough to deliver a new story, it grabs the many We already lived as children an eternity ago.

For more inri, the game was presented with a new mechanic that, with the apparent intention of taking the users of ‘Pokémon GO’ of the mobile to Nintendo Switch , annihilated one of the main premises of the franchise. Instead of weakening the Pokémon in combat to be able to hunt it, it is enough to point the Pokéball at the bug and throw it.

What in the mobiles of almost 380 million users works as a slide of the finger across the screen, here is translated into the act of throwing the ball with the remote, making use of the movement detection system of Switch and, with greater subtlety but the same force, the haptic vibration of the controller.

Nintendo converts what we remembered as a video game into a toy. From pressing a button to the act of throwing. From the imaginary of a 9 year old child to a visual display that feels more alive and tangible than ever. It is at that point, with the new player and the old player put their hands on what really means ‘Pokémon Let’s GO’ , when it is discovered that Nintendo knows better what the community wants than ourselves.

The authentic new Pokémon

With the jump of the saga to the 3D desktop, a step forward that had been asking for more than a decade, the big N not only delivers a new ‘Pokémon’ , also the paradigm shift that will probably serve for what will come in 2019 with the new canonical sequel to the franchise.

The play is masterful. It is much easier to swallow with the changes proposed by ‘Pokémon Let’s GO’ because, facing the new user or the one that arrives from ‘Pokémon GO’ , it is limited to making what lived on the mobile screen grow with a more than proven formula . And in front of the player of all the life, the chute of nostalgia of ‘Pokémon Yellow’ is sufficiently appetizing so that it swallows with everything else.

But not only the remake lives that candy that has been so well come Nintendo . Accompanied by a pan of improvements with which, more or less directly, the community had been dreaming for a barbarity of time:

That the special movements destined to make us advance in history do not occupy a key gap between the attacks of our bugs.
To be able to change our Pokémon team without having to visit a Pokémon Center.
The possibility of saving yourself fighting by seeing the animals running around the map and being able to avoid them.
Include the option in a cooperative way.

Changes that could have been introduced eons ago but, as a result of being smarter than hunger or pure chance, have been kept in a drawer until the time came to want to please the community. To make demands that we already thought forgotten become that spoon making the plane that puts the mashed vegetables to the throat.

A shot of nostalgia and love for the saga

But nothing would serve this whole festival of friendly novelties if not, in essence, ‘Pokémon Let’s GO’ is a great game supported on some very solid pillars. With the Kanto region and the first Pokémon as protagonists, the story from which they would later split series, movies and merchandising to become the franchise that generates more money in the world (even more than Mickey Mouse, Star Wars or Harry Potter), It is a very intelligent step that it is impossible not to want to applaud.

With the charisma of its two main Pokémon , a Pikachu or an Eevee that accompany us at all times giving us the option to personalize or caress them, the player embarks on an old adventure that continues to have the same strength as before. The path of a hero in which, more than ever, the main premise is to capture as many Pokémon as possible.

As an old boy and father I have had the luck to live that rebirth of one of the star sagas of my childhood with my son, throwing balls while they were combined in the air with a light and sound show. But those artifices have not earned me, but the brightness in their eyes to say ” we have hunted together, ” that have transported me for a trip of more than 20 years with which it is very difficult not to get excited.

With a phrase that seems more like a slogan than a witty comment, Nintendo has done it again. With a franchise that, based on repeating formulas and showing an apparent lack of originality, seemed doomed to decline, has searched the mud and has taken gold. ‘Pokémon Let’s GO’ is the game you did not know you wanted until you started playing it.

Kim Hostler
I studied Communication Sciences because as a child I always wanted to be an announcer and make drawings for advertising campaigns. Life took me down another path and now I am a Communicator who has worked for Nokia, and Motorola. Where now instead of drawing, I take pictures, and instead of talking about my passion.