The F series of Intel before the nonsense: they take away the integrated graphics but they do not lower the prices

During the past CES 2019 Intel took advantage not only to talk about its future 10 nm processors , but also to present a new family of Intel Core processors of ninth generation: the “F” family .

These processors posed an interesting proposal for all those who mount teams with dedicated graphics: Intel deactivated the graphics chip in these processors, something that theoretically should reduce their prices . The problem? That the prices of chips with integrated graphics are exactly identical to those of those that do not.

A priori the idea of ​​Intel seems really striking since many gamers rarely need that integrated graphic chip . The processors of the F family are exactly the same as their “non-F” brothers except for the absence of the integrated graphics that they integrate.

One could think that since these processors do not have that functionality should star in a discount in the price , but the data that comes from Intel show that this will not be so for now.

The price of these models is exactly the same as the models that do have an integrated graphic chip , or at least that is what these prices reveal for every 1,000 units.

We will have to see if these models finally go on sale in stores, but the situation does not seem to make much sense . In Engadget we have contacted Intel responsible in Spain to try to clarify the issue, but for now we have no more information about it.