The PlayStation 5 cannot be purchased in physical stores on launch day

The launch of PlayStation 5 is approaching slowly but surely. If everything goes as expected, on November 19 the new Sony console will hit the market, but not completely. And it is that the Japanese company has just announced that on launch day there will be no units in physical stores and that it can only be purchased online.

From Sony they state that the reason is “to keep our players, distributors and staff safe against COVID-19”, so that “all sales on launch day will be carried out through the online stores of our distribution partners “. Those who have placed an order to pick up in store “should be able to do so at the time of their appointment, according to the security protocols of the store.”

Following Japan

It is not news that takes completely by surprise , since just a few hours ago Sony announced that there would be no units in physical stores on launch day (November 12) in Japan. The reason given is exactly the same: “to ensure the safety of our customers, distributors and staff.”

From PlayStation have asked that ” do not plan to camp or queue at your local store on launch day in the hope of finding a PS5 console to buy. Take care, stay home and order online.” Currently the console, both digital and with a disc player, is sold out everywhere , but it is expected that Sony will replenish the stock for the launch.Sony recommends gamers to stay home and order online

As for those users who have made a pre-purchase and have chosen to pick up the console in the store, “they should be able to do so at the time of their appointment, according to the security protocols of the store.” In any case, Sony recommends confirming the details for the collection directly with the store in question.

Recall that the launch of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for November 12 in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea and for November 19 in the rest of the world. The price of the PlayStation 5 is 499 euros for the version with a disc player and 399 euros for the completely digital version .

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