The Redmi Pro 2 aims to be the first flagship of the new brand of Xiaomi with retractable camera and Snapdragon 855

The diversification of Xiaomi seems to follow different paths to those that arose when Redmi became a branch , because the rumors about a flagship in this line are becoming stronger. A mobile that could materialize in a Redmi Pro 2 with a front-line processor and a front camera to the Vivo Nex .

Thus, the cutting of Xiaomi would not ignore the flagships and would be preparing a high-end mobile, with features that remind us of the Xiaomi Mi 9 . Triple rear camera, fingerprint reader on the screen and some other details that would make it a first line smartphone of the “new” brand.

Maximum performance processor and above the periscope
The filtration on this occasion corresponds to what looks like an official image of the mobile in which it is indicated that the Redmi Pro 2 integrates Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 . Image that the user The Time on Weibo has caught at GSMArena .

Redmi Pro 2 Weibo

This image also indicates that the phone has a triple rear camera (with a 48-megapixel main sensor), a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen and a periscope-style retractable front camera , such as the Vivo Nex that we
As we said, that new render fits with the photograph that had already been seen of Lei Jun (CEO of Xiaomi) trying some, so the filtration adds points. A smartphone that completely renews what we saw in the first Redmi Pro more than two years ago, with the aesthetics renewed drastically and in line with the new Redmi that we have been recently seeing as the Redmi Note 7 or the Redmi Note 7 Pro , differentiating itself from Some first leaks that could have shown a mobile finally canceled.

Significant tracks, but few

Not much is known about this terminal, in fact there has been talk about the screen diagonal or the other sensors on the back. Yes, it has been filtered that it will integrate the fingerprint reader in the screen , so that it will maximize its protagonism helped by the reduction of frames and that periscopic camera.

We will have to see if this ends up confirming and when. At the moment rumors are adding to what had already been signed since February and would not be surprising by precedents such as the POCOPHONE F1 that we see a cap of the most tight price range in Redmi, parallel to those of Mi.