This hypnotic video of an almost impossible to follow song shows how the legendary Guitar Hero is still alive

It is likely that many know him and even play it: there was a time when Guitar Hero was almost like Fortnite . The fever for those titles ended up disappearing, but his legacy has made that there continues to be a large community of players who continue to enjoy it.

They do it in addition to very special forms, and it is demonstrated by the incredible achievement of a YouTube user that showed how he had managed to complete the song ‘Soulless 4’ without errors, something that nobody had done before, and with good reason: to achieve it seems almost impossible .

That song is part of that heritage that has left us ‘Guitar Hero’, a user community dedicated to create new and impossible challenges for its players, with increasingly difficult songs that prove the virtuosity of those who try to go much further what the original game was about

Dan Doyle, a player of this video game, created years ago ‘Soulless 4’, which is considered one of the most difficult tracks in the history of Guitar Hero. It had never been completed with one of the so-called Full Combo (FC), that is, with an execution without errors, but now a user has achieved it.

The YouTuber DarklyInDarkness published a few days ago a video of 19 minutes in which 12 of them saw how his prodigious speed with his fingers allowed him to overcome one after another all the barriers imposed by this song. And believe us: there are many.

On Motherboard they told how this user had been playing Guitar Hero for about nine years, and had been trying to complete a FC of ‘Soulless 4’ since the song appeared for Guitar Hero 3 in 2015 . “For me it has been a three year effort,” he confessed. This user had already completed ‘Soulless 2’ last year, another ridiculously difficult song, but so far he had not achieved the same with this version.

Some experts in this game had indicated that no one could make a FC of ‘Soulless 4’, which in part again boosted the popularity of Guitar Hero in that community of users. For some the challenge now is to complete ‘Soulless 5’ , which goes even further in difficulty and that DarklyInDarkness himself does not know if he will ever complete one day. “I do not think we’ll see anyone complete Soulless 5 in the near future,” he said. If he says it, he is right.