This is the patent of the command with which Google and its Project Stream want to conquer the world of videogames

At Google they have been preparing something important for some time. This is Project Stream , a platform that will allow you to play via streaming to games of all kinds , including the most demanding consoles and PC, on any device.

The service is already available on a preliminary basis in the United States, and what we now know is the command format with which Google wants all players around the world to approach this experience from now on. Its design is of course singular , and although the patent is from 2014, there are some interesting new features.

The video game controls are usually more or less similar for some time, and certainly Google does not reinvent the wheel in terms of buttons and controls. What changes is its ergonomics and the positioning of those buttons.

Google Stream Controller 4

As in other commands in this proposal we would have a digital crosshead (D-pad), two analog sticks, four action buttons, the start and menu button, the triggers and, yes, two special accesses. First, a large Google button and a button specifically aimed at launching the Google voice assistant .

Actually the design of this command is not definitive since these are 3D designs that are based on the patent that Google already requested in 2014 to talk about a curious topic, that of notifications in the command of video games. It is likely that they use a haptic system to do this, but beyond these notifications, this preliminary design is unique.

Google Stream Controller 5

Google is expected to make a big announcement in this area on March 19 : that’s when Google has cited the media in the Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco. We will be vigilant, because Google seems to have a strong commitment in the field of video games.