This is the smallest Nintendo 64 in the world, with its original components reduced to the minimum expression

As much as Nintendo may not like it too much, there are always fans who get to work to create improved versions of their old consoles taking advantage of technological advances. The modder and youtuber GmanModz gives us the latest example of this with a version of the Nintendo 64 that literally fits in our pockets .

There is no emulation layer put into this project – what we see here is the result of scrapping an original Nintendo 64, cutting out its motherboard with all the basic components, and fitting them into a much smaller device . So much so that its size is practically the same as that of the cartridges in the console. Cartridges that work without problems because they think they run on the original console, of course.

A “Nintendo 64 mini” the size of your cartridge

The screen chosen for this modification has a size of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 320×240, and due to the size itself, the cartridges that are placed are clearly visible on the back. A small speaker and headphone jack are also integrated.

Power is provided by a battery that lasts an hour and a half of autonomy . It is the price for reducing the size of the console so much, although it can be charged while we play with it using a 12V charger. A great energy optimization, considering that the original console had a “desktop” power supply and a power socket.