Xiaomi is working on a retractable camera for its mobiles

Xiaomi sometimes gives previews of the technologies it is preparing and usually makes it public with small videos that leave us curious by the clouds. It did it with its 80-watt fast charge , its prototype folding device or its under-screen camera technology and now they do it with this camera with a telescopic lens that sticks out like a camera when zooming, although it is not that it is this precisely.

The brand has once again resorted to an ad on Weibo , the Chinese social network, in which they have briefly told some clues of what they are testing. In the video that we will now see (of said ad), you can see in practice what we would see on a mobile phone with this large aperture telescopic lens.

Xiaomi explains that they have developed a technology for a large-aperture telescopic lens that, as we see, is projected to the outside depending on what is adjusted. A large aperture, which is that “f” value that we usually see when talking about cameras, means that this precise number would be lower and this means that more light can enter, in addition to obtaining greater blur with the background.

Xiaomi speaks of ” an increase in the amount of light by 300% “, in addition to integrating a new anti-vibration technology with which “the definition increases by 20%”. Of course, at the moment we do not know what aperture value it has, remembering that in mobile phones the maximum we have seen is f / 1.4 in the Honor 20 Pro .

What they have not commented on is zoom, so although it may seem that it is a system to take that optical zoom that we have seen so booming lately at the moment, the intention of Xiaomi with the invention seems to focus on lighting. , blur and sharpness . According to the video, we see an effect similar to the Refocus that we also saw on Nokia phones years ago or on the HTC One M8 and its double camera (at that time, the only one ).

Of course, pioneers in design are not being strict either, because it is the same idea that we saw in some inventions that in the end were more anecdotal than anything else, as the subsequent evolution in design and photography on mobile phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, has shown. Zoom or the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom . Of course, in this case in principle the mobile maintains a thickness that seems to be within the current average and does not thicken too much taking into account everything that fits.

We will have to see what this is left of, remembering that for now we have not yet seen a folding smartphone, none with 80 W wireless charging or that camera under the screen. In fact, the latter was already overtaken by the last ZTE with its ZTE Axon 20 5G (already on sale in China).

Kim Hostler
I studied Communication Sciences because as a child I always wanted to be an announcer and make drawings for advertising campaigns. Life took me down another path and now I am a Communicator who has worked for Nokia, and Motorola. Where now instead of drawing, I take pictures, and instead of talking about my passion.